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Money And Debt Advice

There are a number of money and benefits advice services available within the Newport area that offer advice and information to people.  If you have problems with managing debts or need help claiming benefits then there are free services that are offered to help you.   The advice offered varies but includes help with:

  • mortgage arrears
  • rent arrears
  • council tax arrears
  • credit and store card debts
  • loans
  • county court judgements
  • utility bill arrears
  • hire purchase agreements
  • doorstep lending
  • catalogue debts
  • overdrafts

If you are currently having problems with money and debt then you can get help with:

  • making a personal budget plan
  • prioritising your debts
  • making sure you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to
  • making payment plan agreements or seeking legal remedies
  • avoiding being evicted from your home
  • avoiding having your home repossessed

You can obtain some basic help through completing the budget calculator which may well help to identify where your money is being spent and how you could adjust your spending to meet your budget.  Further details of money advice services available can be found on the money advice webpages or through visiting Shelter Cymru online.

Struggling to pay your rent?

If you're having trouble paying your rent then you may be entitled to Housing Benefit.

The Housing Benefit Calculator can be used to see if you may qualify for help at all.  Further advice can be obtained from the Housing Benefit department in Newport City Council and also from your landlord if you are renting from a Housing Association.

Unsure about what benefits you are entitled to?

If you are having difficulties in managing your finances, have recently had a change in your financial circumstances or simply need advice on what benefits are available then you can obtain advice on what benefits you can claim based on your circumstances.

The Benefits Advisor Tool can be used to see if you may qualify for help at all.  Further advice and information can also be obtained direct from the Department of Work and Pensions and contact details can be found on the website.

Do you need affordable credit?

You can obtain advice on affordable credit and how you can save through a Credit Union.  Credit Unions are non-profit-making money cooperatives whose members can borrow from pooled deposits at low interest rates.

They provide straightforward, affordable financial services, savings accounts and loans.  Credit Unions providing services to people in the Newport area are:

Newport Credit Union  – provides competitive loans and a safe place for savings, specialising in small loans from as little as £100 to unsecured loans of up to £5,000 for regular savers.

Smart Money Cymru Credit Union – straightforward, affordable financial services to people living in Newport, Caerphilly and Blaenau Gwent.

Do you have dependant children?

If you have dependant children then you will also be able to access advice and help from the Family Skills Project.  The project provides support and assistance on a range of issues covering:

  • Money management
  • Managing your debt
  • Budgeting advice
  • Benefits advice
  • Signposting to specialist agencies

Do you rent your home from a Housing Association?

If you currently rent your home from a Housing Association then you may be able to access additional advice from specialist services that each individual Housing Association offers to its tenants.  These services vary and you will needed to contact your Housing Association in order to access these services.