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Prioritising Applications

Home Options Newport uses a banding scheme to prioritise applications.

All housing and transfer applications received for accommodation will be assessed and placed in one of 4 bands, A to D. Individual applicants will be allocated 10 points for each need identified from the highest band they are placed in. This will determine the level priority within each band.

For example, where an individual applicant has 2 needs from Band C and one from Band A, they will be placed into Band A and will be awarded 10 points.

The table below briefly sets out the banding scheme and gives examples of those applicants who would be eligible to be placed in each band. Further details of the banding scheme and application process can be found within the Home Options Newport policy document.


Band Examples
Band A Urgent welfare grounds due to health, safety or social issues where an individuals current accommodation is placing them at immediate risk; statutorily homeless households owed a full housing duty under Section 75 of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014; individuals currently living in accommodation that has been deemed to be unfit by the Council's Environmental Health Team and has been subsequently served with a Prohibition Notice
Band B Substantial or severe welfare grounds due to health, safety or social issues where an individuals accommodation is placing significant unreasonable hardship and is placing them at risk; households who are being assisted through Section 73 of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014; accommodation that is overcrowded by 2 bedrooms; individuals under-occupying social rented housing owned by a partner organisation who are willing to move to smaller accommodation;
Band C Living in private rented housing, individual households overcrowded by 1 bedroom; individual households who are living in accommodation that is having an adverse effect on their health; individuals who are at risk of being made homeless where the Council are seeking to assist them to prevent homelessness from occurring under Section 66 of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014; households living in shared accommodation; individuals living in supported housing or hostel accommodation; individual households with children under 10 living in a flat above ground floor level
Band D Individual households currently living in accommodation that is suitable to their needs